Why Small Businesses Should use a Content Management System

For virtually all small businesses, the website is the centerpiece of the entire marketing strategy, and that makes it the most critical piece. It also means it would be quite beneficial to have an understanding of the software which administers the website, which is the Content Management System (CMS). Of course, not every website is operated by a CMS, but some of the really popular CMS programs make it much easier to manage a website, and that makes a good argument for why your small business should use a content management system. Here are some other compelling reasons to use a CMS for your website.

Ease of updates 

If you had a third party develop your website, you would be dependent on them to make any changes to the site, for instance adding any images or content on individual pages. However, if your site was built using a CMS, you would easily have the capability to add your own updates when you want to, rather than having to wait for someone else. This will allow you to keep it more current, and to make timely updates or blog posts, whenever they’re ready for posting.

Don’t need technical knowledge 

If you never learned the language of the Internet, which is HTML, it won’t be a problem when you have your site managed by a CMS. If your CMS is WordPress for instance, you’ll have a WYSIWYG editor which will facilitate the creation of new web pages, emails, blog posts, and news articles, and it will be no more difficult than creating a Word document.

Laptop with website displaying a company product

Website re-designs are easy 

If you are ever faced with a complete re-design of your website, it would be a fairly easy process if your site is managed by a CMS. Since the web design will be created distinct from the content on it, the old web design can simply be lifted away from the site, with the content remaining intact. When the new design is imposed over the content, you’ll have the same website, but with a brand new look and feel.

Current web functionality 

Any site managed by a CMS has access to all the most up-to-date web functionality, with all the latest upgrades made available to users. In addition, you’ll also be provided with tutorials when necessary, so you can make best use of any of these new functions. If anything is unclear, you can contact your CMS support team with any questions or issues that you have. 

Centralized location for your Internet marketing strategy 

Any good CMS like WordPress will provide you with all the tools you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy. Within the suite of software tools you are given, you’ll have tools for implementing SEO, blogging, social media marketing, and whatever kind of email marketing you might care to engage with. You can also store a ton of information in your CMS regarding your clients, contact forms, registration forms, or any other useful data.