Top 5 Reasons You Should Use WordPress

There’s no denying the power of WordPress when it comes to creating a website, and there’s a reason nearly 1/3 of all websites online use WordPress. This is a fantastic and versatile content management system that give a virtually unlimited array of options to web development specialists to create your ideal website. There’s a reason such a strong freelance WordPress workforce exists – because the demand is there!

While there are many other options out there, the following five points are just some of the many reasons you should look at using WordPress for your next website.

Open laptop with website

Open Source Code Means Options
WordPress is free to install on any paid hosting account, but the code is open source. This means more plug-ins are available for an unmatched level of customization options. A programmer even has access to the header, footer, sidebar, and other WP code when they install it, allowing them to change anything as they see fit. That level of versatility is unmatched.

WordPress Is SEO Friendly
Out of the box, WP is designed to be easy for search engines to crawl, has settings that encourage the site to be crawled by search engine spiders, and allows for perfect URL construction in addition to easy meta tags and alt tags. In other words, it is designed to rank well with the search engines and makes on-site SEO work a breeze.

Largest Trouble Shooting Community Online
WordPress has a well-designed reputation for being one of the easiest options available for setup and use, sometimes things still go wrong. Whether a minor problem or a major one, you like to know that there are people out there who can help out. Fortunately for you or your web development guys, there is a massive online community and the WordPress forums are famous.

This is a setup where millions of users and WP experts can help others who have problems. Have a problem, an error code, a problem or issue? Search the WordPress forums and come up with a solution. Chances are someone else has had these issues before and there is a posting on how to fix it. If not, put up the question and the army of freelance WordPress specialists out there will be looking to help out with a solution.

Strong Multi-Media Support
Whether you use a lot of photographs, insert videos, or include things like downloadable documents, Powerpoint presentations, and more. Whether these can be put in naturally, or you need a plug-in, this isn’t difficult as long as you are using WordPress. This makes web development a lot easier, especially if you need many different types of media on your website.

WordPress Continues To Improve
From having better security features than ever to having more customized plug-ins, there are many ways that WordPress continues to improve. Even beyond this, it isn’t just improving at an incremental rate it is improving at an exponential rate, and that is impressive.

There you are. These are just five of many reasons that WordPress should be your website design solution.