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Web technology is a rapidly changing landscape and can be a confusing subject to explain. We utilize a vast array of knowledge and experience using the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript and jQuery. in building all your web projects so you know that your site will be up to date, work the way that it should, and be visually appealing at the same time.

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Custom Design

I know you are probably saying Web Design?.. Web Development?.. Aren’t they the same thing? Well, the simple answer is, No. A few years ago everything pretty much fell under the umbrella of Web Design, but now the web horizon has changed and making a site look good and making it work well are almost 2 different worlds. Web Design is focused mainly on the UX/UI of the site, making it look good and created a great user experience from the front-end standpoint. Web Development on the other hand is concerned with creating and developing a rock-solid code base that the front-end will sit on so that everything that needs to work will work the way it is supposed to. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a beautiful and stunning site only to notice that the forms on the page are broken or that your selected product is not registering properly.

Compliant Coding

As well as having an amazing design that makes all your competition jealous and all your clients stare, we build your site on top of the worlds most popular Content Management System in the world(WordPress). Almost all of our sites are built completely from scratch using the most up-to-date coding practices and languages with a minimum of 3rd party plugins so that your site will be smooth, clean and run as fast as it possibly can.  Clean coding will also help with stopping as many SEO issues as possible so your site can be indexed faster and easier by all the Search Engines.

Responsive Content

Today is a mobile world and everyone has a smartphone or a tablet for browsing and keeping up with the latest news, entertainment, and surfing for your company. We design and build your site to work on any device and be attractive and easy to use, so that your clients will find you no matter if they are on the bus ride home or browsing on a laptop/pc at home. All our designs are based on mobile first and there is no extra charge.

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