Our Mission

We are a small NJ based Web Design and Development company with a laser focus of working with and catering to other small businesses in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas that are looking to move forward with their success.  We enjoy building personal relationships with all of our clients so we can truly understand what they are all about and how we can all be successful.

The Past

Vision Web Works is a new name, but we have been around for a long time and been building and maintaining clients websites for almost 10+ years now. We are a small close company but we have vast experience designing and developing amazing sites for all types of clients ranging from life coaches all the way to non-profit organizations and a few fortune 500 companies. We can create just about anything your business might need, but our specialty is custom WordPress sites that are completely constructed around our clients’ needs.

The Future

We have big dreams and are looking to work with companies that share the same goal. We want to help you make your business as successful as it can be and we are hoping that we can be there working alongside you all the way!

What you get working with us:

  • Completely custom websites tailored around your individual wants and needs.
  • Built on top of a stable, popular and easy to use content management platform.
  • Developed in a mobile-first workflow so that your clients will have a great user experience and easy to use interface regardless of what device they are on.
  • Built with minimal plugins or 3rd party products to keep the site load time as fast as possible, so your clients don’t become frustrated. Being super speedy will also help bolster Search Engine Rankings (Google might even wink at you).
  • All projects are developed using the latest coding practices and standards which will help lower the possibility of issues as well as best practices to make indexing your site easier for search engines.
  • Tested to work and be compliant in the most used modern browsers and devices.

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