Our Mission

We’re a compact New Jersey firm specializing in web design and development. Our primary focus is partnering with small to medium-sized businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, propelling them toward success. Building strong personal connections with each client is our forte, enabling us to grasp their essence and collaborate effectively for shared success.

The Past

For nearly a decade, Envision has been dedicated to constructing and maintaining client websites. With extensive expertise in crafting exceptional sites for a diverse range of clients, spanning from life coaches to non-profit organizations and select Fortune 500 companies, our capabilities cover a wide spectrum. While we possess the versatility to meet various business requirements, our forte lies in tailoring custom WordPress sites meticulously aligned with our client’s specific needs.

The Future

We’re driven by ambitious goals and seek partnerships with companies that share our vision. Our aim is to support your business in achieving its maximum potential for success. We aspire to be your dedicated collaborators, accompanying you throughout your journey toward success.


What you get working with us:

  • Completely custom websites tailored around your individual wants and needs.
  • Built on top of a stable, popular, and easy-to-use content management platform.
  • Developed in a mobile-first workflow so that your clients will have a great user experience and easy-to-use interface regardless of what device they are on.
  • Built with minimal plugins or 3rd party products to keep the site load time as fast as possible, so your clients don’t become frustrated. Being super speedy will also help bolster Search Engine Rankings (Google might even wink at you).
  • All projects are developed using the latest coding practices and standards which will help lower the possibility of issues as well as best practices to make indexing your site easier for search engines.
  • Tested to work and be compliant in the most used modern browsers and devices.

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