Jackson Plumbing

Jackson Plumbing had outgrown its longstanding HTML website and was in search of a comprehensive upgrade. Their goal was to revamp their online presence to showcase not just their diverse services but also the depth of expertise within their team. Recognizing the limitations of their existing setup, they prioritized a Content Management System (CMS) for its ability to simplify and expedite updates.

David Jackson, in particular, highlighted the significance of an easy-to-use content management system. His specific request stemmed from a desire to take personal charge of the website’s content. Being committed to keeping the information up-to-date, he aimed to have the autonomy to swiftly modify and ensure the site remained current and relevant. This hands-on approach was crucial to him in maintaining a dynamic online representation of Jackson Plumbing’s capabilities and offerings.

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Project Details:
Website Development and Design
Wordpress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, AOS, jQuery, UI Design, Photoshop, Sass, Git
Client Sector:
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